First Amplify Impact Catalyst 4-Star Partner Certification in Turkey

As an Amplify Impact Catalyst 4-Star Partner, we empower our people to create positive and lasting change for our Planet, People and Community. We are leading the journey towards a more sustainable future.

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2023 Partner Meeting - Special Project Award

When we received the news that Aeris was honored with the “Special Project Award” at the Dell Technologies 2023 Partner Meeting, we felt a great sense of pride and happiness. This award, as a crowning achievement, truly underscores the value of the years of continuous effort we have put in.

Break Boundaries with Cloud Management and Easily Access the Benefits!

Aeris, committed to providing you with the latest and most accurate technology solutions, aims to offer the most suitable service provider for your business, while also considering the efficiency of your business continuity through data center management services.

Take a Step into the Future
Stronger, More Efficient, More Prepared!

In the face of advancing technologies, servers have gained even more critical importance today. They enhance business efficiency, provide a competitive advantage, and demand the correct configuration for the optimal performance of data centers.

Virtualization for the Future
Low Costs, Maximum Efficiency, Strong Competitiveness

Server virtualization optimizes data center operations and enhances resource utilization, all while reducing costs. It minimizes planned downtime and mitigates the risk of unexpected issues. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and strengthens your business’s competitiveness. With a flexible infrastructure, you can adapt more quickly and easily bring innovative projects to life.

Health and Safety with the VOC System by Your Side

The VOC System measures indoor air quality with a Wi-Fi-based IoT solution and prevents the harm of volatile organic compounds. With its portable, USB-rechargeable design, you can easily observe and analyze air quality data.

Take a Step Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow with Cloud Technologies!

The advantages of digital transformation in the realm of sustainability are becoming increasingly significant for businesses. Transforming business processes with digital technologies not only enhances productivity but also has the potential to reduce environmental impacts and support social responsibility awareness.
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It's very easy to grow your business with us.

Let’s achieve sustainable success together by taking your business to the next level with our innovative solutions, expert team, and strong partnerships.

Take your business to the future with

Our Solutions

Cloud Solutions

As we move your business to the future with technology, we manage your operations efficiently and smoothly with products that exceed expectations.

Network Solutions

In the fast-paced world of the digital age, we offer high-performance, fast, and secure network solutions, understanding the critical importance of data transfer.

Business Solutions

We offer businesses the opportunity to take smart steps in digital transformation and achieve operational excellence.

Virtualization Solutions

With our virtualization solutions, we provide businesses with increased efficiency and flexibility, giving them a competitive advantage.

Cyber Security Solutions

By detecting cyber threats in advance, we increase your data protection and ensure the security of your business in the digital world.

Data Center Solutions

With our data center solutions, we support your digital success by managing your business data securely and flexibly.

Our Business Partners

Within the framework of our partnerships with leading, innovative manufacturers in their respective fields, we provide our customers with fast and measurable solutions. With our competent staff specializing in the product and solution groups of all these manufacturers, we continue to create success stories in various industries.
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Our Services

In the digitalized world, meeting the technological needs of businesses is of critical importance for achieving sustainable success.

On your journey to grow and transform your business, we are here with the services offered by Aeris. Contact us to meet your needs in the best way possible.

IT Equipment Rental

We help you focus on your business and solve technological problems.

ISO 27001 Consultancy

We offer consulting to make your infrastructure standards compliant.

Corporate IT Support

We provide fast, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your IT needs.

GDPR Consultancy

We help you process your customers' personal data in compliance with regulations.

Prepare for Digital Transformation with Us

Aeris designs projects in the areas of system integration projects, technology consultancy, and their manageable services that will contribute to your field of activity with the correct and sustainable investments in your Information Technology infrastructure. We build future-ready systems and have worked with over 1,200 different customers since 2011.
Different Customers
600 +

Since 2011, the number of customers we have worked with.

Customer Satisfaction
% 1 +

Our average customer satisfaction rate for each project we realize.

Different Awards
1 +

Our awards crowning our success.

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Your Trusted Business Partner in Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft’s wide range of products offers significant advantages for businesses. With years of experience, our certified expert team, and profound technical knowledge, we customize Microsoft solutions for your business most effectively, from Azure to Microsoft 365, Teams to Power BI, accelerating your digital transformation. We are here as your trusted business partner in Microsoft solutions.
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