Management & Governance

Azure Management and Governance is a set of services and tools in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform that enables businesses to manage resources, automate operational processes, meet compliance requirements, and optimize costs.

Azure Management and Governance simplifies management and control in large-scale and complex cloud environments.

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    Advantages of Azure Management & Governance

    Enables centralized management of multiple resources

    Reduces repetitive tasks and increases efficiency by providing automated processes

    Allows you to configure workloads in compliance with policies and regulations using Azure Policy

    Offers monitoring of resource performance and usage with Azure Monitor

    Provides reporting and analysis capabilities for monitoring resource usage and cost optimization

    Supports a broad ecosystem of open-source solutions and compatibility with different platforms

    Azure Management & Governance Solutions

    Azure Management & Governance helps businesses efficiently manage and control their cloud environments. Services such as Azure Portal, Azure CLI, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Policy, Azure Monitor, and Azure Cost Management + Billing support businesses in areas such as resource management, operational automation, compliance, and cost optimization, enabling them to create a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment.

    Azure Portal and Azure CLI

    Azure Portal is a user-friendly web interface that enables the management of Azure resources. Azure CLI, on the other hand, is a command-line-based tool used for automated processes. Both tools simplify the deployment, monitoring, and management of Azure resources.

    Azure Monitor

    Azure Monitor is used to monitor the performance and status of your applications, infrastructure, and services. It provides real-time monitoring, logs, alerts, and analytical data, allowing businesses to continuously monitor their cloud environments, making it easier to quickly identify and respond to issues.

    Azure Policy

    Azure Policy enables policy-based management and automatically checks compliance with specific rules and standards. Policies can be applied at the resource group or subscription level and used to meet security, compliance, and resource management requirements.

    Azure Resource Manager (ARM)​

    Azure Resource Manager is a service used to group, deploy, and manage Azure resources. It automates the creation and configuration of infrastructure and services using ARM templates, ensuring repeatability and consistency.

    Azure Cost Management + Billing

    Azure Cost Management + Billing provides cost tracking, reporting, and optimization. This service enables businesses to track Azure resource costs, manage budgets, and optimize resource usage. Additionally, it simplifies cost sharing among different departments or projects.
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