Azure Security is a collection of security services and features on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure Security provides businesses with the ability to secure their data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud environment.

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    Advantages of Azure Security

    Offers multi-layered security measures and tools to secure your data, applications, and infrastructure.

    Ensures data compliance with legal requirements through certifications and compliance measures.

    Automatically detects and monitors potential threats and takes measures against them.

    Provides encryption, access control, and other security measures to ensure data and application security.

    Allows the configuration of security policies tailored to your needs with scalability and flexibility.

    Azure Security Solutions

    Azure Security services assist businesses in achieving security in the cloud environment. Services such as identity and access management, data security, network security, DDoS protection, and security monitoring protect data and systems. Azure Security plays a significant role in providing a secure cloud environment and meeting security requirements.

    Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

    Azure AD is a fundamental service for identity and access management. Businesses can manage user authentication, authorization, and access controls with Azure AD. Strengthened by features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and role-based access control, Azure AD ensures that users have the right level of access.

    Azure Information Protection (AIP)

    AIP is a service used to ensure data security for businesses. AIP classifies, labels, and protects data. With features like automatic data classification and encryption of sensitive data, data privacy and compliance requirements are met.

    Azure Firewall

    Azure Firewall allows businesses to add a firewall to their cloud network. This service filters network traffic and controls permitted traffic. Businesses can centrally manage network security policies and secure network resources with firewall rules.

    Azure DDoS Protection

    Azure DDoS Protection is a service that provides protection against DDoS attacks, keeping business services safe in the cloud environment. This service automatically activates defense mechanisms against attacks and protects network resources.

    Azure Security Center

    Provides businesses with security monitoring, threat protection, and compliance management in the cloud environment. This service helps businesses detect security threats in the cloud, monitor security events, and take appropriate corrective actions. It also tracks compliance standards and offers recommendations to achieve compliance.
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