Azure Identity

Azure Identity services encompass a range of services used to provide secure and efficient identity management in the cloud. They are designed with the aim of ensuring user authentication, simplifying access management, and ensuring data security.

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    Azure Identity Advantages

    Empowering administrators to define privileged access permissions for specific roles and providing privileged identity management services

    Providing a central identity repository for users and services to streamline the management of user identities and permissions

    Enabling identity federation across different organizations, allowing users to access multiple services with a single identity

    Offering security measures such as multi-factor identity authentication and password complexity policies for authenticating user and service identities

    Easily integrating with various applications and services

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    Azure Identity Services

    Azure Identity services provide businesses with the necessary tools to ensure secure and efficient identity management. Services such as Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, Azure AD Connect, Azure AD Domain Services, and Azure AD PIM offer various advantages in user identity authentication, access management, and privileged identity management. This enables businesses to ensure data security and business continuity by providing secure and manageable identity management in a cloud environment.

    Active Directory

    A cloud-based identity and access management service that provides user authentication and secure access to applications, resources, and services. Azure AD enables businesses to centrally manage user identities and enforce access policies.

    Azure Active Directory

    Enables businesses to manage customer identity. Businesses can add customer identity authentication to their applications through social media accounts or other identity providers. This allows users to easily sign up for and log in to applications.

    Azure Active Directory Connect

    Enables businesses to synchronize their on-premises Active Directory environments with Azure AD. It also synchronizes user accounts and authentication information. This allows businesses to continue using their existing identity management infrastructure while easily integrating with cloud services.

    Azure Active Directory Domain Services

    Provides traditional Windows Active Directory services in the Azure environment. This service enables cloud-based applications and virtual machines to effectively access the on-premises Active Directory infrastructure. This provides businesses with the ability to easily migrate and manage their existing applications and services.

    Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

    A service for privileged access management. Businesses can limit access to privileged accounts, tie access to approval processes, and provide temporary privileged access. This prevents the misuse of privileged accounts and enhances security.
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