Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a cloud service that provides desktop and application virtualization for businesses.

Azure Virtual Desktop offers virtual desktop environments that users can securely access from anywhere using any device.

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    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Benefits

    Providing remote access and flexibility.

    Ensuring productivity and business continuity through fast access to up-to-date applications and data.

    Reducing security risks through enhanced security and data protection.

    Scalability and performance tailored to your needs.

    Cost savings by eliminating hardware infrastructure and maintenance costs due to its cloud-based nature.

    About Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Key Information

    Azure Virtual Desktop offers businesses advantages such as flexibility, security, scalability, and cost savings. It can be used to meet remote work requirements, simplify application access, and increase productivity. AVD provides an ideal solution for supporting modern workspaces and simplifying data management.

    Azure Virtual Desktop allows users to run multiple virtual desktop sessions simultaneously and access applications, offering businesses the ability to boost productivity, streamline processes, and provide flexibility to employees.
    Azure Virtual Desktop supports various operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server, and others. This facilitates the transition of existing applications and configurations to Azure.
    Azure Virtual Desktop provides cost savings by allowing businesses to use a measured and scalable service without the need for hardware and infrastructure investments. It also offers advantages like energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.
    Azure Virtual Desktop is scalable to meet users' needs. Businesses can easily adjust the virtual desktop and application capacity to match their requirements. As workloads increase or decrease, resources can be dynamically scaled.
    Azure Virtual Desktop includes various security measures to ensure data and application security. It offers features like authentication and authorization through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and threat monitoring and protection through services like Azure Security Center. Layers of security, including data encryption, network security, and identity management, keep user data safe.
    This service finds applications in various industries and scenarios, making it ideal for remote work, branch office access, access for contract workers, virtual labs for students, and supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.
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