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Network security is a crucial aspect that encompasses all software and hardware systems involved in data exchange over the internet within your organization.

When one considers that just a few minutes of network downtime can result in a wide-scale damage that could affect your company's profits and reputation, the importance of these protection measures becomes evident. Network security management plays a critical role in preventing attacks, safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring business continuity, and meeting compliance requirements.

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    A healthy network infrastructure guarantees the swift and seamless operation of integrated systems. Network infrastructures have the longest lifespan among information technology investments. Therefore, network infrastructures should be designed correctly and created in compliance with engineering standards.

    Today’s network architecture is highly complex and faces a constantly changing threat environment. These security vulnerabilities can arise in various areas such as devices, data, applications, users, and facilities. As a result, there are various network security management tools and applications that aim to target threats, exploits, and compliance violations.

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    Aeris, with its expert staff in network security, has undertaken projects related to structured cabling, compliance-oriented data center layout plans, wireless network installations, alarm and fire systems. During the project’s design phase for the products/services requested by our customers, engineering, feasibility, and consultancy services are provided.

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    Network Security in Organizations

    When addressing network security in an organization, there are many layers that need to be evaluated. Attacks can occur at any layer of the Network Security layer model, so your Network Security hardware, software, and policies should be designed to target each area.

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    Network Security for Businesses and Consumers

    Network Security should be a top priority for any organization working with data and systems connected to the network. Network Security not only safeguards assets and data integrity against external threats but also allows for more efficient network traffic management, increased network performance, and secure data sharing between employees and data resources.

    There are many tools, applications, and software available to protect your network against attacks and unnecessary downtime. ForcePoint offers a network security solutions suite that simplifies complex processes and provides a strong network security for the organization, making the processes more centralized and straightforward.

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