Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is a widely used technology today. This technology separates applications and data from users' local hard drives and hosts them on a central server. This allows users to securely access their desktop computers from anywhere, using any device.

At the same time, desktop virtualization offers many advantages, such as flexibility, security, ease of management, and business continuity. Users can access their desktop computers from anywhere, using any device, while businesses ensure data security and ease of management. Desktop virtualization stands out as an essential solution in modern work environments.

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    What Aeris Offers with Desktop Virtualization

    End users can access their desktop virtualization infrastructure provided by Aeris from their own computers, allowing them to perform the operations they want regardless of location, ensuring secure remote work and business continuity.

    Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

    Increased productivity by providing access from any device, enhancing work efficiency

    Remote work capability and continuity of productivity through secure mobile access

    Providing device independence and flexibility for your organization

    Ease of implementing updates and maintenance processes centrally

    Minimized data loss due to data center servers

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