Hyper-Integrated Data Center Solutions

A data center, which aims to manage solutions like computing, networking, storage, backup, replication, and deduplication components, even in complex IT infrastructures, is built on hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Hyper-converged infrastructure represents a structure where these components are integrated and optimized. This structure aims to make data center operations more efficient and effective.

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    Hyper-converged infrastructure enables the consolidation of hardware and software components in a data center to create a single integrated platform. This platform includes virtualization technologies, storage spaces, network management, and data protection solutions. As a result, data center management becomes easier, and businesses obtain a more flexible, scalable, and efficient infrastructure.

    Hyper-converged infrastructure saves time and resources for businesses by ensuring the harmonious operation of hardware and software components. Additionally, it simplifies the management and maintenance of data center infrastructure while enhancing performance and security. This enables businesses to ensure business continuity, increase data accessibility, and manage workloads more efficiently.

    What We Offer at Aeris Hyper-Integrated Data Center Solutions

    At Aeris, we aim to consolidate your organization’s software and hardware components in a single data center, providing advantages such as cost reduction in IT and management, along with streamlining processing and management processes. We also develop a perspective suitable for the world of IT.

    Advantages of Hyper-Integrated Data Center Solutions

    Facilitating work with hybrid cloud environments

    Optimizing business-critical applications

    Working on a simplified infrastructure managed from a single window

    Simplifying operational processes with integration and easy management

    Providing the capability to quickly respond to the needs of the organization with scalable structures

    Securely storing critical data and backups

    With solutions services technologies that make a difference

    Take Your Business into the Future