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At Aeris, we provide reliable and innovative business solutions that enable businesses to take smarter and more connected steps towards the future in the digital transformation of the business world. With our comprehensive portfolio of business solutions, we optimize your business processes, increase efficiency, and help you achieve operational excellence.

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    What We Offer at Aeris

    Aeris empowers businesses to move toward a smarter and more connected future with reliable and innovative business solutions. By offering customized solutions, we ensure they perfectly fit your business needs and position you at the forefront in a competitive market. Seize the opportunities presented by the digital age with Aeris and advance your business’s success exponentially.

    Business Solutions Avantajları

    Enhancement of industry competitiveness through innovative and inventive business solutions

    Faster and more efficient execution of business processes

    Assistance in reducing business costs

    Provision of valuable insights for businesses to make data-driven decisions optimally

    Secure storage and processing of business data through business solutions

    Offering flexible and scalable solutions tailored to changing business needs

    Taking your business into the future

    Our Solution Portfolio

    Industry 4.0 Solutions

    We support our customers in optimizing their processes and making smarter and more efficient decisions with Industry 4.0 technologies.

    Industrial IoT Solutions

    We provide efficiency-boosting and competitive advantages to manufacturing and logistics businesses with Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions.

    ISO 27001 Solutions

    We offer comprehensive solutions for ensuring information security compliant with ISO 27001 standards and provide a secure working environment.

    Field Security Solutions

    We offer solutions that meet your business's occupational safety needs, easing your obligations related to employees, legal matters, and financial responsibilities with our experienced team.

    GDPR Solutions

    With our experienced consulting team, we establish the necessary systems for your business to process personal data in compliance with GDPR, reducing your legal obligations.

    Asset Tracking Solutions

    We assist you in optimizing your asset tracking processes, using the latest technologies to reduce costs and bring your projects to life.

    VOC - IoT Air Quality System

    We offer compact and portable solutions that measure and record air quality with Wi-Fi-enabled IoT sensors and management software.
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