Azure Databases

Azure Databases include various Microsoft Azure database solutions that offer services for data storage and management.

Azure Databases provide flexibility, scalability, and high performance to businesses by offering customized services for different database types. Businesses can securely store, manage, and use their data by selecting the most suitable database service to meet their needs.

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    Azure Databases Benefits

    Azure automatically manages database configuration, backups, security updates, and other administrative tasks.

    It allows you to scale your databases to meet the requirements of your workloads, improving performance with additional resources.

    Automatic data backups and recovery operations between data centers ensure uninterrupted service.

    Features like data encryption, access control, and firewalls maximize data security.

    You can choose from various services such as Azure SQL Database for relational databases and Cosmos DB for NoSQL databases, selecting the most suitable database type for your needs.

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    Azure Databases Services

    Azure Databases provide businesses with reliable, scalable, and user-friendly database services. Each database service offers advantages and features tailored to specific requirements, helping businesses optimize data management. With Azure Databases, you can securely store your data, develop high-performance applications, and simplify database management.

    Azure SQL Database

    A managed service that meets relational database requirements. Azure SQL Database provides SQL Server-based database solutions to support your existing applications or new applications. It offers advantages like elastic scaling, automatic backups, and security features.

    Azure Cosmos DB

    Designed to meet the requirements of multi-model databases, it is a distributed and highly scalable service. Azure Cosmos DB supports document, key-value, column-based, and graph-based data models. It offers global distribution, high speed, and high availability.

    Azure Database for MySQL

    A managed database service for MySQL-based applications. It provides features like high performance, automatic backups, security, and scalability. You can easily migrate and run existing MySQL-based applications.

    Azure Database for PostgreSQL

    A managed database service for PostgreSQL-based applications. It provides high performance, scalability, and security for open-source PostgreSQL database servers. It is an ideal choice for both new and existing PostgreSQL-based applications.

    Azure Database Migration Service

    Azure Database Migration Service makes it easy to migrate existing databases to Azure. It enables you to easily move and transform data between different database platforms. You can smoothly perform data migration with minimal downtime.
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