Data Center Virtualization

Data center virtualization refers to the design, development, and implementation of data centers using cloud computing and virtualization technologies. Data center virtualization enables organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure, use resources more efficiently, and reduce costs.

During this process, the goal is to convert existing physical servers into virtual servers and share data center resources in a virtual environment. This allows many different applications and services to run on the same physical infrastructure. Virtualization technologies enable more efficient use of hardware resources, enhance performance, and provide flexibility.

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    What Aeris Offers with Data Center Virtualization

    Aeris plays a pioneering role in data center transformation, offering services such as end-to-end network creation, storage, and security virtualization. We simplify the process, enabling your organization to easily deploy IT resources and applications. We make resources readily available for applications to consume, providing you with fast solutions.

    Advantages of Data Center Virtualization

    Continuous backup of virtual data center servers minimizes data loss

    Data center virtualization provides advantages such as flexibility, scalability, and remote access by easily creating a cloud-based environment

    Rapid creation and configuration of virtual servers with easy setup

    Streamlines the process of deploying IT resources and applications

    Provides benefits in data center scaling, reporting, optimization, load balancing, and more

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