Application Virtualization

Application virtualization is a technology solution that allows users to access and use an application from a different computer. It enables applications to be distributed and delivered as a service without the need for installation on user computers. The user experience of a virtualized application is the same as using the installed application on a physical machine. Users do not have to make complex setups to access applications, and they can use applications from anywhere at any time.

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    What Aeris Offers with Application Virtualization

    Aeris’ application virtualization solutions enable users to easily access applications and use them as a service without the need for installation. It is ideal for your large-scale and geographically dispersed organizations, making management processes easier and providing flexibility. We leverage the advantages of application virtualization to offer our customers a simple, secure, and efficient working environment.

    Advantages of Application Virtualization

    Reducing the size and number of desktop images

    Seamless updating of applications at any time

    Reduced licensing costs with concurrent licensing

    Access to any Windows application

    Flexibility and mobility with user access to applications from any device

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