Azure Hybrid & Multicloud

Azure Hybrid and Multicloud solutions offer advantages for businesses, including flexibility, scalability, and the use of various services between cloud and on-premises infrastructure. These solutions allow businesses to use multiple cloud providers, manage on-premises and cloud services together according to their needs.

Azure Hybrid and Multicloud services enhance efficiency, ensure business continuity, and optimize resources in hybrid cloud environments.

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    Advantages of Azure Hybrid & Multicloud

    Enables end-to-end integrated management of your software development processes

    Accelerates the development process by automating continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes, including automatic configuration, testing, and deployment when code is moved to a repository

    Facilitates collaboration and teamwork among development teams with Azure DevOps

    Facilitates test scenario creation, automatic test configuration, and quality assurance process monitoring

    Offers real-time reporting and analysis, providing instant feedback on the project's status

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    Azure Hybrid & Multicloud Solutions

    Azure Hybrid & Multicloud solutions provide businesses with data sovereignty, flexibility, resource optimization, and the ability to use the best services together. Services such as Azure Arc, Azure Stack, Azure ExpressRoute, identity management, and multicloud integration simplify management and enhance efficiency in hybrid cloud environments. These solutions offer flexibility to create a cloud strategy tailored to business needs and combine the best services.

    Azure Arc

    Enables the use of Azure services and management tools in on-premises and other cloud provider environments. Businesses can centrally manage their on-premises servers through the Azure portal, apply policies, and expand applications to the cloud.

    Azure Stack

    Allows running Azure services in a private cloud environment. Businesses can take advantage of Azure-compatible services in on-premises data centers or customer-managed environments, making it an ideal solution for applications requiring data sovereignty.

    Azure ExpressRoute

    Connects your on-premises network to the Azure cloud with a private, high-speed connection. This provides a secure and low-latency connection, linking your corporate network to Azure cloud services, which is advantageous for large data transfers, backup, hybrid application deployment, and more.

    Azure B2B and B2C Identity Management

    Azure simplifies identity management for businesses in multicloud and cross-cloud environments. Azure Active Directory offers B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) identity management solutions, making it easier for users to access different clouds with a single sign-on.


    Azure allows businesses to manage multiple cloud providers (multicloud) by providing APIs and services for integration with various cloud providers. This enables businesses to obtain an optimized solution for multicloud environments by combining the best services and costs.
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