IT Equipment Rental

Obtaining Information Technology equipment that you want to use continuously or for a certain period under favorable terms through the leasing method is among the services offered by Aeris. This way, you can focus on your core activities, allocate your investments to your main areas, and prevent the problems brought about by rapidly evolving technologies. For more detailed information, you can contact us. Our professional sales team is here to assist you.

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    Advantages of IT Equipment Rental

    Warranty and maintenance of leased products can be handled by Aeris.

    In case of malfunctions of relevant systems within the framework of the planning, replacement devices are provided.

    You ensure continuous access to the latest technologies.

    Opex takes place instead of Capex.

    Leases are off the balance sheet. This increases active profitability.

    You can benefit from tax deductions by using leasing as an expense item since you didn't make a purchase.

    You can choose to own the equipment instead of returning it at the end of the leasing period.

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    Network Devices

    Cloud Solutions

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