Cyber Security Solutions

With the security solutions provided by Aeris, you can enhance the protection of your data by detecting and preventing cyber threats in advance. It simplifies risk management by ensuring the security of business systems and keeps your operations more secure. Aeris is a security partner that strengthens the success of businesses in the digital world.

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    What We Offer

    Aeris’ cyber security solutions continue to be the most robust shield for businesses in the digital world. We offer the opportunity to protect your business from cyberattacks with advantages such as threat prevention, data protection, system security, and risk management. By increasing customer confidence, Aeris strengthens your brand reputation, making us a robust foundation in cyber security. If your goal is a secure and successful digital future, take a step with Aeris.

    Advantages of Cyber Security Solutions

    Protecting businesses from potential cyber threats by detecting cyber threats

    Maximizing the security of sensitive data with data protection and privacy principles

    Providing protection against cyberattacks with a secure infrastructure for business networks and systems

    Facilitating risk management by identifying and analyzing cyber security risks

    Strengthening customer trust and brand reputation

    Assisting businesses in compliance with security standard requirements

    Leading your business into the future

    Our Solution Portfolio

    CCTV Solutions

    We determine security solutions specific to the organization through field discovery, install appropriate technologies, provide user training, and offer maintenance services with rapid support.

    Enterprise Data Security

    We ensure corporate data security with strong security policies and advanced technologies, protecting both your business data and digital reputation.

    Penetration Testing

    We increase the security of your business against cyber threats with penetration tests, providing a competitive advantage by enhancing customer trust.

    End User Security

    With Trend Micro, we provide comprehensive endpoint protection with the latest technologies to protect corporate data on all devices and applications, offering a secure working environment.
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