Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a cybersecurity exercise conducted to identify security vulnerabilities and determine weak points through which potential attackers could gain access to a system. This test is a simulated attack conducted by a cybersecurity expert, aiming to discover and resolve security vulnerabilities within a system. Penetration testing is an effective method for strengthening a company's computer networks, exposing vulnerable points, and providing protection against cyberattacks. Through this test, security is enhanced, data and customer information are safeguarded, and a more resilient defense against potential cyberattacks is established.

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    What We Offer with Aeris Penetration Testing

    At Aeris, we become your shield against cybersecurity threats. With penetration testing, we ensure the security of your business and bolster your system’s security. We support your success, enhance customer trust, and help you gain a competitive advantage.

    Advantages of Penetration Testing

    Simulating system security vulnerabilities to enable early intervention at potential attack points

    Assessing the evaluation of your cybersecurity defense capabilities

    Minimizing risks related to security vulnerabilities that may arise from penetration testing and ensuring business continuity

    Contributing to the more effective implementation of security policies and procedures within your organization, promoting the development of a security culture

    Building customer trust and strengthening your organization's reputation to gain a competitive advantage

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