Data Storage Solutions

The rapid growth of digital data and the increasing complexity of its management require specialization in storage and security measures. Inaccessibility to critical data and applications can lead to various adverse consequences. Storing data in real-time, creating backups, and addressing security issues ensure uninterrupted business continuity and financially safeguard your organization.

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    The trend in data storage systems is moving towards flexible architectures that support various applications, changing workloads, and requirements. These technologies consolidate all of the organization’s data into a single system, providing data security, accessibility through different protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS), the use of various technologies together, and manageability. At Aeris, we provide the right solutions in the analysis process and beyond from various perspectives such as availability, efficiency, and reliability to add value to your organization.

    What We Offer with Data Storage Solutions

    In our country, many small and medium-sized businesses have yet to become acquainted with data storage needs through Enterprise Solutions. This situation not only leads to security vulnerabilities but also causes data to become distributed as it grows every day.

    Aeris uses data storage and backup units from leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, EMC to provide professional solutions by creating storage units (storage) and data storage networks (SAN) that customers may need. As a result, the data collected in a reliable, consolidated, and readily accessible environment becomes manageable.

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    Advantages of Data Storage Solutions

    Provision of storage and backup device supplies, initial setups, post-installation maintenance, and consultancy solutions

    Big data management with new-generation artificial intelligence technologies

    Disaster protection methods with automation and replication features

    Access to high-performance structures with Enterprise SSD disks in Full Flash

    Ease of manageability activities

    With solutions services technologies that make a difference

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