Backup Solutions

Backing up data is crucial to ensure data loss does not occur for business continuity. The value of data transferred to the digital environment and data stored in the digital environment is increasing every day. This has led to the development and evolution of backup solutions. Today, in addition to traditional backup systems, there are integrated solutions that include backup software and media.

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    What We Provide with Backup Solutions

    Our expert team offers services in the design of processes where your data is backed up with top-level security and stability in critical business applications, in compliance with global standards and regulations.

    Advantages of Backup Solutions

    Accessibility of your critical systems and data in emergency situations

    Determining the priorities of business processes within the framework of RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) concepts

    Planning solutions tailored to your structure with various options such as software, cloud, and hardware

    Management of storage and backup devices by our experts

    Ensuring accessibility by securely copying your virtual servers, data, and backups between different locations with replication services

    With solutions services technologies that make a difference

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