Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT solutions emerged in an era where the use of the internet and technology has become an integral part of our lives, significantly altering our communication.

These solutions collect and analyze data through connected devices, locations, and individuals, enabling data-driven actions in various industries. This allows you to take control of your data and use it intelligently. Processing data can shorten decision-making times and eliminate the cost and risk of sending data to the cloud. Furthermore, you can analyze your data to discover relationships, determine cause and effect, enhance efficiency, and increase predictability.

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    Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions include analytic platforms designed to generate data from internet-connected machines and sensors. These solutions cover a wide range of products, from small sensors collecting environmental data to high-tech industrial robots. While manufacturing facilities, factories, and warehouses are often associated with the industrial sector, IIoT can be used in various fields such as agriculture, healthcare, and advertising. With the advancement of 5G technology, access speed will increase, expanding the use cases further by providing easier access to systems.

    What We Offer with Industrial IoT Solutions

    For businesses involved in the production and/or transportation of physical products, Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions can have a game-changing impact and offer entirely new business models. At Aeris, we provide businesses with the opportunity to increase operational efficiency and create new business models with industrial IoT solutions. Contact us to discover your business’s potential and gain a competitive edge.

    Advantages of Industrial IoT Solutions

    Faster data generation, predicting failures, reducing unexpected downtime, and increasing automation

    Enhanced operational efficiency for increased revenue

    Improved employee productivity

    Better business decision-making with new business models

    Enhanced customer experience

    Difference Between IoT and IIoT

    The Industrial Internet of Things is a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT) that includes consumer-oriented applications such as wearable devices, smart home technology, and self-driving cars. Embedded devices, machines, and infrastructure transmitting data over the internet and managed by software are the distinguishing features of both concepts.

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