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Aeris Technology, which values sharing knowledge with relevant parties, providing high-quality services, prioritizing customer satisfaction and privacy, has developed and implemented its Quality and Information Security Management Systems policy based on the following principles:

In the Software, Hardware, IT, and Technology Sector:

  • Determines customer requirements accurately and realizes them with appropriate and correct solutions.
  • Continuously improves itself with the participation of customers and employees.
  • Continuously improves and develops its Quality Management System.
  • Conducts its operations with the principle of Information Security.
  • Identifies information assets within our organization, defines risks, and establishes a risk management methodology that includes taking control measures related to risks to comply with the principles of the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information as required by the Information Security Management System.
  • Protects the privacy of customer information and ensures compliance with standards and legal regulations.
  • Provides the necessary resources for hardware, software, training, and other controls to reduce information security risks and ensures its continuity.
  • Ensures awareness, training, and motivation to ensure the participation and compliance with the Information Security Management System for all employees and business partners in accordance with the necessity of a holistic approach to information security.
  • It is our policy to control the efficiency of the Information Security Management System, monitor it with internal and external audits, review it, and keep the system in continuous compliance, continuously improve it; along with our Quality and Information Security Policy.
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