Server Solutions

Servers, one of the most critical components of your data center, play a significant role in your information technology infrastructure. Servers are systems that provide the required processing power, memory, and storage for either virtualized environments or standalone applications. These systems have taken on an even more critical role now, as they have evolved and been made available in different forms in the past. However, in today's world, servers have become even more important thanks to advancing virtualization and disk technologies.

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    The critical role of servers helps businesses operate more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, choosing and configuring servers correctly is of great importance to optimize data center performance and prepare for future growth.

    What We Offer with Server Solutions

    Energy Efficiency

    The server solutions provided to your organization by Aeris help reduce your business's energy costs by promoting energy efficiency.

    Constantly Updated Drivers

    Aeris continuously provides driver updates for server solutions, ensuring your systems utilize the latest technologies and optimize your performance.
    Long-Term Usage

    Service Support

    Aeris, providing long-term usage for server solutions, offers service support to your organization to ensure that your systems continuously operate smoothly, contributing to business continuity.
    Enhanced Performance with

    Next-Generation Processors

    Aeris' server solutions, equipped with next-generation processors, deliver higher performance and allow you to efficiently carry out your operations.

    Seamless Integration

    Aeris' server solutions are compatible with virtualization technologies, making them easily integratable and manageable in virtual environments.

    Spare Part Continuity

    Aeris ensures spare part supply continuity for server solutions, enabling quick intervention in case of any breakdown and maintaining uninterrupted business continuity.
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