Corporate IT Support

Aeris aims to address its customers' IT system needs with its expert support team in the field of information technology at the most affordable costs and in the shortest time. Corporate IT Support Services consist of information system management, professional maintenance support contracts, and support packages.

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    Information System Management

    The increase in system management costs and the time-consuming nature of it have made information systems management challenging. Aeris provides effective solutions for information systems management by working on management software, inventories, reporting, and data application.
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    Professional Maintenance Support Contracts

    Options include Remote Support Services, On-Site Support Services, Support Personnel Provision Services, and Periodic Maintenance Services. With Aeris, maintenance contracts offer advantages such as a monitored and reportable system structure during the contract period, and upgrading the system to the latest released versions for easy technology tracking.

    Support Packages

    Support packages are additional warranty packages with specific shapes, times, and implementation conditions for hardware and software during system management processes. The support packages offered by Aeris consist of packages that include interventions and solution options within a specified period, in addition to warranty conditions.

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