Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset tracking is a process used to verify and determine the locations of assets owned by an organization. During this process, assets are equipped with barcodes or RFID tags, and these tags are scanned to capture asset information. This enables organizations to obtain vital information about which assets they possess, the condition of assets, and where they are located.

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    Asset tracking can be performed using manual or automated methods. In the automated method, scanners detect the tags and automatically record the data, transferring asset information to a central database. In the manual method, data is generated by personnel. This recording process can be customized to fit the organization’s needs and provides dedicated areas to store valuable asset data. Asset tracking allows organizations to effectively manage and monitor their assets.

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    At Aeris, we are delighted to assist you with providing the most efficient and effective solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Our team, experts in the field, will help you optimize your asset tracking processes and reduce costs by keeping up with the latest technologies and developments. Get in touch with us, and let us provide you with customized solutions for asset tracking.

    Advantages of Asset Tracking Solutions

    The ability to keep essential and critical product/equipment inventory under control

    Connect objects in your product/equipment inventory to the Cloudsens Asset Tracking System through digital tags and access points without the need for traditional counting processes

    Efficient, cost-effective, and productive inventory control with the Cloudsens Asset Tracking System

    Alerting authorities when objects are taken outside specific areas, preventing forgetfulness, theft, and confusion

    Perform product/equipment counts as frequently as you wish, saving on labor and time

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