Server Virtualization

With server virtualization, you can reduce costs by reducing the number of servers and achieve significant savings in factors such as data center space, power consumption, and cooling needs. This helps resources to be used more efficiently. In addition, server virtualization reduces planned downtime and minimizes the risk of unexpected issues. This increases customer satisfaction and strengthens your business's competitive advantage.

Server virtualization also optimizes your data center operations. By providing a flexible infrastructure, it allows your business to adapt more quickly and facilitates the implementation of innovative projects. This keeps your business in a competitive position and enables faster response to customer needs.

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    What Aeris Offers with Server Virtualization

    Aeris, along with server virtualization technologies, provides the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of our trained and competent expert team who have gained experience in many different projects. We closely monitor technological developments from leading manufacturers, ensuring that your organization is compatible with the latest technologies.

    Advantages of Server Virtualization

    Efficient use of physical servers through virtualization, resulting in savings in energy consumption and hardware costs

    Advantages such as flexibility, scalability, and remote access with the portability of virtual servers to the cloud environment

    Minimization of data loss with the backup and quick restoration of images created by virtual servers

    Image-based backup capability of server virtualization

    Efficiency by optimizing your organization's hardware capacity through virtual servers

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