Data Center Solutions

Aeris data center solutions assist businesses in securely and efficiently managing their data. With comprehensive infrastructure and hardware support, businesses can seamlessly continue their data center operations. Aeris data center solutions, providing high performance, flexibility, and business continuity, establish a robust foundation for the digital success of enterprises.

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    What We Offer at Aeris

    With cutting-edge data center solutions, Aeris strengthens data management for businesses and maximizes their digital achievements. We prioritize data security, safeguarding your sensitive information and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Through our flexible and scalable infrastructure, businesses can easily integrate solutions tailored to their needs, enhancing data processing and storage performance. Get ready for the future with Aeris data center solutions, where your data is secure, and your business is strong.

    Advantages of Data Center Solutions

    Assistance in maintaining business processes seamlessly

    Increased data processing and storage power with high-performance hardware and infrastructure

    Cost savings in infrastructure and energy expenses

    Providing a scalable and flexible structure tailored to the needs of businesses

    Easy control of data center infrastructure with remote access and monitoring

    Embracing new technologies and gaining a competitive advantage through innovative projects

    Leading your business into the future

    Our Solution Portfolio

    Hyper-Integrated Data Center Solutions

    We combine your software and hardware in a single data center to reduce costs, streamline business processes, and offer a perspective suitable for the world of IT.

    Business Continuity Solutions

    Our expert team provides customized business continuity solutions for your organization, reducing operational risks, increasing customer confidence, and protecting your reputation to gain a competitive advantage.

    Server Solutions

    With our server solutions, we offer uninterrupted operation with cost savings, optimized performance, business continuity, enhanced performance, ease of integration with virtualization, and spare part continuity.

    Data Storage Solutions

    We merge professional data storage and backup solutions with leading manufacturers, ensuring that this data is brought together in a secure and manageable environment.

    Backup Solutions

    With our expert team, we back up the data of your critical business applications to global standards with top-level security, ensuring that it is always accessible.
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