CCTV Solutions

CCTV solutions are originally Closed Circuit Television systems primarily used for security purposes. However, with the advancement of IP-based systems and image processing capabilities, they have gained features such as People Counting, License Plate Recognition, Person Tracking, and Area Protection. Especially during the pandemic, features like Temperature Measurement have become crucial in the business world. CCTV systems are integrated with fire alarm systems, emergency announcement systems, smart home and automation systems, aiming for comprehensive security. Essentially, the purpose of CCTV systems is to transmit camera images from a specific area to a limited number of monitoring screens.

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    What We Offer with Aeris CCTV Solutions

    Aeris begins by conducting a survey in your area to identify the closed-circuit camera solution required for home or workplace security and determine security criteria that align with your needs. Based on the results report, we select the most suitable security system technologies and install these systems on-site. Additionally, we provide the necessary training for effective system usage and offer quick troubleshooting support and maintenance services through our extensive service network. At Aeris, we take pride in providing our customers with high-quality and comprehensive services to ensure maximum security.

    CCTV Solutions Avantajları

    Security camera systems are an ideal solution for a wide range of users, from mothers who need to leave their children at home with a babysitter to business owners who want to monitor private areas.

    Providing high-quality recording options

    Offering access to images from desired locations

    High-quality night vision capability

    Options for notifications via email or SMS

    Cost-effective solutions

    Camera Options


    Dome Cameras

    Used for both indoor and outdoor settings, they are generally preferred for indoor use due to their viewing angles and suitability for the environment.

    Speed Dome Cameras

    Used to monitor large outdoor areas, provide high focus, and introduce mobility.
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    Box Cameras

    Mostly used indoors but can also be used outdoors with protective housing.

    Cube Cameras

    With their integrated and decorative design and features like sound recording, they are preferred for indoor use.

    Bullet Cameras

    Generally used outdoors, providing clearer recording at night.
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