Virtualization Solutions

Aeris takes a leading role in the digital transformation of businesses with virtualization solutions. Virtualization solutions move the physical infrastructure of businesses into a virtual environment, providing efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. Aeris' comprehensive and reliable virtualization solutions enable businesses to optimize their operations and gain a competitive advantage.

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    What We Offer as Aeris

    Elevate your business to the pinnacle of digital transformation with Aeris’ cutting-edge virtualization solutions. Maximize your business processes with these solutions that bring together efficiency, cost savings, and speed. Adapt instantly to changing needs with flexible management and easy scalability. Additionally, ensure business continuity with advanced security and uninterrupted data protection. Discover Aeris’ dependable virtualization solutions to step into the future.

    Advantages of Virtualization Solutions

    Achieve more efficient resource utilization with virtualization solutions

    Reduce infrastructure and energy costs by reducing the number of physical servers

    Simplify management and scalability, making it faster and easier

    Minimize the risk of data loss with backup and recovery convenience

    Provide more efficient security services with isolated virtual machines

    Facilitate the rapid deployment of new applications and services

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    Our Solution Portfolio

    Network Virtualization

    Enables network programming and management without the need for physical intervention, simplifying operations and increasing business efficiency.

    Desktop Virtualization

    We provide modern work environments with secure access, flexibility, and business continuity advantages to users from anywhere using desktop virtualization technology.

    Server Virtualization

    We keep your organization up to date with the latest developments in server virtualization technologies with our experienced expert team.

    Application Virtualization

    Simplify management and provide a flexible working environment for large-scale enterprises by facilitating access to applications without installation.

    Data Center Virtualization

    With our end-to-end virtualization services for data center transformation, we enable organizations to quickly and easily deploy their IT resources.
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