Microsoft 365 Compliance is a comprehensive solution that meets data security and compliance requirements. With strong security features, compliance controls, and reporting capabilities, businesses can protect their data, meet compliance requirements, and enhance their security posture.

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    Microsoft 365 Compliance Center

    Compliance and Data Management Center

    The Microsoft 365 Compliance Center enables businesses to manage data protection, compliance, and data management requirements. It offers features such as policy creation, audit monitoring, reporting, and data classification.

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    Microsoft Information Protection

    Data Classification and Protection

    Microsoft Information Protection helps you protect your data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. It enhances data security with features such as data classification, labeling, encryption, and data loss prevention.

    Microsoft Compliance Manager

    Compliance Assessment and Recommendations

    Microsoft Compliance Manager helps businesses understand and manage regulatory compliance requirements. It offers features such as audit readiness, tracking regulatory requirements, and assessing compliance status.

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    Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery

    Data Discovery and Investigation

    Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery facilitates data discovery and search processes for legal requests. It supports legal compliance requirements with features like fast and effective data discovery, advanced data analysis, management of legal requests, data classification, and retention policies.

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