Aeris Sustainability Certification

HP has long been focused on sustainability, climate, human rights, and digital equality through a robust and comprehensive Sustainable Impact strategy and goals. As we further emphasize diversity and inclusivity and work to bridge the digital divide, we want to support our partners in making equally meaningful commitments and collaborating with us to achieve a circular, low-carbon economy.


Aeris Sustainability Certification 1

HP’s industry-leading Amplify Impact program aims to expand HP’s Sustainable Impact strategy by educating, incentivizing, and supporting partners to create lasting positive change and maximize business opportunities.

The world consumed its annual natural resources in just 214 days: Turkey spent the equivalent of two worlds.

This year’s edition of the Global KPMG Sustainability Survey, published every two years since 1993, analyzed sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports from 5,800 companies in 58 countries.

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