Digital Innovation Leader Aeris Continues to Provide Exceptional Service Assurance by Achieving ISO 20000 Certification

Aeris, renowned for its global leadership in digital solutions and the Internet of Things (IoT), has once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality services. With its latest achievement of ISO 20000 Certification, the company pledges to maintain an excellent service standard for its customers.

ISO 20000 is an international standard in the field of IT Service Management, and this certification indicates that a company delivers its IT services in a high-quality and consistent manner. By obtaining this valuable certification, Aeris has once again proven the exceptional quality of the services it provides to its customers.

Aeris CEO Şefik Serdar stated, “Earning ISO 20000 certification reaffirms Aeris’ commitment to our customers. It is gratifying for us to demonstrate our dedication and capabilities to provide the best service to our customers. ISO 20000 certification will assist our customers in growing their businesses and feeling more secure as they expand.”

Aeris’ ISO 20000 certification highlights the company’s compliance with industry standards and operational excellence in its IT services. Customers can see that Aeris fully justifies its commitment to help them grow their businesses by combining the latest technology and business excellence.

This achievement once again demonstrates Aeris’ commitment to customer satisfaction and optimizing its business processes. ISO 20000 certification reinforces Aeris’ ability to provide even more reliable and high-performance services to its customers.

Aeris, Saying Hello to the Digital Future from Slovenia: Aeris Technology D.o.o Marks a New Beginning! 1
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Aeris, Saying Hello to the Digital Future from Slovenia: Aeris Technology D.o.o Marks a New Beginning!

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