Lenovo Premier Support

Technical support with a difference.

Advanced technicians. End-to-end case management. Faster, first-contact resolutions.

Premier Support is a warranty package that provides comprehensive and top-tier technical support for your Lenovo products. New features have been added to warranty packages previously only provided as depot or onsite support.

Foremost among these features is 24/7/365 phone support, giving you access to technical support at any time in Turkish. You can reach expert engineers who provide assistance not only for hardware issues but also for software matters via phone support, and with this package, you can also receive onsite warranty services.


Lenovo Premier Support 1

The Premier Support service package can come pre-installed or can be upgraded through warranty package sales conducted later. To do this, you need to place an order for the so-called e-pack warranty package. You can contact our sales representatives to get detailed information about Lenovo Premier Support and upgrading options for your existing devices.


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