McAfee Data Loss Prevention

Don’t be the next data loss statistic.

Are you unknowingly losing data?

McAfee Data Loss Prevention 1

Your customer information, intellectual property, financial data, and personnel records may currently be leaking from your corporate structure. Furthermore, culprits may not only be computer hackers but also insiders. Data loss can occur inadvertently and maliciously through common channels such as email, webmail, USB drives, and cloud uploads, which can cost you millions. Organizations fall victim to significant data losses due to information leaks. So, what if you could easily and effectively prevent data loss?

With McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP), you can meet regulations and industry compliance such as ISO 27001 and KVKK and comprehensively protect your intellectual properties.

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+Centralized Management

Managed by the Cloud-native management console (MVISION ePO) for simplified policy and event management.

  • Shares the same principles and classification engines and event workflows with McAfee® MVISION Cloud (CASB) and McAfee® Network DLP.
  • Multiple and reusable rule sets offer the capability to define policies on a global scale, by region, office, department, and regulation.
  • Enhanced level of detail in event management allows for querying, filtering, and viewing based on any event attribute (e.g., device serial number, evidence file name, and groups).
  • Improved role-based access control for policy management and event review.
  • An easily accessible help desk interface.

+Compliance Enforcement and User Education

  • The changing corporate landscape, with models like remote and ubiquitous work, puts more strain on organizations’ compliance rules. McAfee DLP Endpoint not only helps you monitor daily user behaviors but also ensures compliance by providing user education.
  • McAfee DLP Endpoint offers detailed reports with a single click for auditors, top management, and others to provide evidence.
  • Your users also receive real-time feedback through pop-up windows based on your corporate policy, engaging them in the process and helping create a stronger corporate security culture.

+Advanced Protection Capabilities

  • McAfee DLP Endpoint offers comprehensive protection for all potential leakage channels, including removable storage devices, cloud, email, instant messaging, web, printing, clipboard, screen capture, file sharing applications, and more.
  • Capability to set Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) labels for transferred data and recognize files labeled with AIP tags.
  • Conducts security analytics to detect unusual and highly risky user and entity behaviors.
  • Flexible structure with classification dictionaries, regular expressions, and verification algorithms, as well as support content for registered documents and third-party user classification solutions.

+From Device to Cloud

  • McAfee DLP Endpoint is integrated with the VISION Cloud DLP product. Internal DLP policies can be easily expanded to the cloud with a single click and in under a minute.
  • Internal DLP classification labels are shared with cloud DLP policies to ensure consistent data loss detection.
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