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Aeris Technology Inc. Company will hereinafter be referred to as “Aeris.” Aeris is committed to preserving the privacy of those who visit the website as a fundamental principle. Therefore, this privacy statement explains what kind of information about users Aeris collects, how it is used, and protected while using our website. All necessary processes to ensure that this information is processed and used in accordance with the current and applicable data protection regulations will be carried out by Aeris.

All software, cloud systems, email systems, products, as well as written materials, articles, photographs, images, documents, audio, signs, and similar intellectual property produced by Aeris are protected under the Copyright Law in accordance with legal regulations. Unauthorized copying, access, reproduction, modification, and unauthorized use and distribution of systems and information reached by using ISO 27001 awareness documents, unless explicitly permitted and consented, have been prohibited except during the period of the parties’ relationship, and precautions have been taken accordingly.

Aeris securely stores your information, taking all necessary measures to protect such information from any loss or alteration.

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