Special Project Award at Dell Technologies 2023 Partner Meeting

When we received the news that Aeris was honored with the “Special Project Award” at the Dell Technologies 2023 Partner Meeting, we felt immense pride and happiness. Since our inception with the motto “Service First,” we have focused our efforts on customer satisfaction, striving for success in the field of technology solutions. This award is a true crowning achievement for us and represents the value of our longstanding efforts.

We would like to express our gratitude to our valued customers and partners who have provided significant support in achieving our successes. Without their trust and support, receiving this award would not have been possible. We have consistently worked to provide the best service and, by achieving this success, have once again demonstrated our commitment to our customers.

With the pride and motivation that this special project award has given us, Aeris will continue to work to provide better services to our customers and to remain a leader in the field of technology solutions. We will strive to increase our achievements by embarking on innovative projects in the future. Thank you once again, and we are eagerly committed to providing you with the best service.

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