What Is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365, a top-tier productivity cloud, offers best-in-class Office applications, intelligent cloud services, and advanced security to help us achieve important business goals and streamline our lives.

*What is a productivity-based cloud solution?
Even before entering the corporate world, some of the Microsoft 365 applications are actively used in our lives. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and similar applications are part of our lives, and their more advanced versions with cloud storage capability make them highly effective for professional use. Unlike its competitors, Microsoft primarily focuses on the corporate side rather than individual use and progresses through that path. Therefore, every service it offers is a productivity-based cloud solution.

*What is cloud storage capability?
With the 1TB of cloud storage that comes with a Microsoft 365 subscription, we can access our emails and files from anywhere and any device as long as we have an internet connection. We can edit, share, and work on our tasks without the risk of data loss. The hybrid work model or active business trips do not need to hinder efficient teamwork. With the SharePoint application, multiple people can edit online documents simultaneously from different locations.

*What is ease of use everywhere/on any device?
Productivity with Microsoft 365 is possible with mixed reality business applications that help customers meet the needs of field workers. Whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, in meetings, on business trips, or on the go, we can access, edit, and share our data through Microsoft 365 office applications using our device and internet connection.

*Is Microsoft 365 Secure?
In 2022, Microsoft invested over 1 billion USD in its customers’ security and was recognized by Gartner as an industry leader in security solutions. Developed specifically for companies, M365 offers enterprise-level security provided by a single provider, is comprehensive, fully integrated, and has no third-party add-ons. With Defender for Identity, advanced protection against cyberattacks, Data Loss Prevention for identifying and protecting sensitive information, and preventing data loss are all possible.

The evolving world of technology has pushed business models to evolve and optimize the adaptation process in the best way possible. Even during pandemic conditions, the role of Microsoft 365 Office applications such as Exchange Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams in productivity and, more importantly, continuity in remote work models cannot be denied.

To determine the applications you need in your business development process, you can contact us for our service packages.

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