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Are you aware of your data loss? What would you do if you were aware? Is your customer data, financial data, and employee files secure? Have you taken adequate measures under the KVKK (Turkish Data Protection Law)?

Data losses, costing millions of dollars, can occur either through malicious hackers or accidentally within a company. Regardless of the scale of your data, you can efficiently manage it with Trellix DLP.

At the employee level, security teams spend too much time and energy on manual data management. As a series of high-profile data breaches have shown, there is more risk at the organizational level than ever before. Data losses are a significant financial blow to organizations, but their consequences run much deeper. Data protection is crucial for trust, customer loyalty, and brand integrity. It has also been demonstrated that breaches lead to downtime, legal issues, sales losses, productivity declines, and can ultimately shut down a business.

Trellix, formed by the merger of leading cybersecurity companies McAfee Enterprise and FireEye with the aim of being a power in the Extended Detection and Response (XDR) field, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cybersecurity technology, serving a significant portion of Fortune 500-listed companies. Trellix aims to enhance your organization’s security, keep pace with dynamic threats in the evolving world of technology, and outperform them with a live XDR architecture that provides advanced cyber threat intelligence.

Since every company/organization has its own unique structure, data protection solutions may need to be customized. In addition, all organizations need a single solution that provides synchronized policies regardless of the location of the data while providing central event management and reporting. In addition to fundamental capabilities in this regard, Trellix Data Protection offers a compact solution series without the need for additional applications.

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With Trellix DLP Discover, you can easily find, classify, and protect sensitive data within your company or in the cloud. You can generate reports on-demand or at specific intervals. It continuously scans your data to find sensitive data and uncover potential risks.

Trellix DLP Prevent allows you to maintain tight control by protecting sensitive data with a powerful network policy enforcement that covers email, blogs, portals, FTP transfers, and more. By creating data security policies, you can ensure consistent data protection enforcement. If a data protection breach is detected, Trellix DLP Prevent encrypts, redirects, quarantines, or blocks the transmission of the data in question.

Trellix DLP Monitor facilitates remediation by alerting senders, recipients, content owners, and system administrators. You can manage your most critical data with embedded policies, source code, and more. If a DLP incident needs to be investigated, you can conduct a detailed review using digital records after the incident.

To ensure consistent protection, you can extend your in-house DLP policies to the cloud with Trellix DLP Endpoint. You can monitor and manage daily actions such as sending emails, publishing on the web, printing, uploading to the cloud, and activities that could pose a risk. By allowing endpoint discovery scans and self-remediation actions, you can extend and strengthen data security from devices to the cloud.

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